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Target Paranoia

Target has been in the news since late November.  You may think I am a little late in commenting on this one, but it seems that the story is still evolving and it may only be the beginning (insert dramatic … Continue reading

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Shop Talk assists Visually Impared in Grocery

This system assists the visually impaired, yet still mobile, individual find items in a grocery store.  The independence provided by such a device is fabulous. As posted on YouTube “ShopTalk is a proof-of-concept wearable system designed to assist visually impaired … Continue reading


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Fog Stops Store Robbery

On a dark and dreary night, danger lurked in the streets near a convenience store.  This is not the start of some bad pulp fiction detective novel.  This is a video that shows a technology to prevent store theft through … Continue reading

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“Wish” Retailing was more mobile?

Wish is a web application designed to allow retailers to manage “offers” on products by customers from their smart phones.  Seems like a natural way to become more connected and reward your customers. This video is more of a slide … Continue reading

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RBC Bank shows a variety of Retail Technology

This particular video is a commercial designed to gain customers to RBC’s new flexible retail banking experience.  Although not a case study, the video demonstrates multiple technologies in use and explains the benefits to their customers. We have seen this … Continue reading

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