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Challenges of Mergers – Changes

If you have ever been involved in a corporate merger, or your company was acquired by another, you understand that the integration of the companies is a complex effort. Mergers can fail for a variety of reasons including culture, technology, … Continue reading

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It’s Hard. Very Very Very Very Hard.

It was recently announced that Trend Micro will be reducing the number of partners they have through a formal review program.  The company cut 600 U.S. partners in 2013 as a result of the review process, and may cut another … Continue reading

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We will be Invincible

Continuing the trend of IT Security topics in my writings (you might think that I am doing some work that somehow ties to IT Security…), I ran across an article in Forbes posted on March 4th “Security Statistics Show That … Continue reading

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In The City

This week is a tale of two cities in the technology conference world, Orlando and San Francisco.  One is the city of endless family fun and the other is known for its famous prison, Sea lions, great food and alternative … Continue reading

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Frontiers without Games

This week I did some traveling west.  I flew out to Las Vegas with two close friends and joined with some others to play some golf in the small town of Mesquite Nevada.  I didn’t want to let everyone know … Continue reading

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Target Paranoia

Target has been in the news since late November.  You may think I am a little late in commenting on this one, but it seems that the story is still evolving and it may only be the beginning (insert dramatic … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

Friday was my administration day.  This is where I have to do the tasks I generally dread.  Payroll, taxes, data entry, and developing some blog topics. I could outsource these tasks, but I do not yet have them optimized into … Continue reading

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Life Lessons at an Old Guy Lacrosse Tournament

This is a first in my blog, to write about mushy life lessons. Not really my style, but it gives me an excuse to write about my weekend and lacrosse. I guess I need to explain an “Old Guy Lacrosse … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle Again

Our website is re-built! Finally.  In my last post I told you the story of my laptop challenges and how panicked I was when it would not start from hibernation mode.  Since that writing (and those that follow me on … Continue reading

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Computer World

I drafted this post from the seat of an Embraer 135 Delta flight on its way to Cincinnati for a layover on my way out to San Jose.  There are a total of 18 rows of seats with three seats … Continue reading

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