Best Laid Plans

plan a - bFriday was my administration day.  This is where I have to do the tasks I generally dread.  Payroll, taxes, data entry, and developing some blog topics. I could outsource these tasks, but I do not yet have them optimized into repeatable and transferable tasks, so I do them myself.  This also included a client update memo which was a review of all of the current projects active with a particularly large client.

The morning started well.  I pulled together all of the needed data for the client update memo and sent it out on time for the 10am status meeting.  At 9:45 the status meeting gets cancelled and I am pulled into a few other Client meetings and fires.  My morning is now gone and I have not touched the list of administration tasks I have to get done.

I got a quick bite of some leftovers from the fridge and went back to my office with renewed energy to tackle the list.  I have a deadline of 3:30PM due to another client call scheduled and then I am planning on jumping in the car at 4:00PM to drive 5 hours to Pittsburgh to see my son.  I did a good portion of my regular admin, payroll and taxes (which took longer as PA now requires monthly payments vs. quarterly and setting up the system was painful.)  However, I did not get to my important, but not urgent blogging and some other data entry work.

I thought I would have time to write while visiting my son in Pitt, as we were to go to Cleveland the next day and I should have time on Saturday morning.  Arrived at Pitt on Friday night around 9 and got a bite with my son.  Our plan was to go to grab a late breakfast and head to Cleveland around 10AM.  Unfortunately Saturday turned into a snow day in Pittsburgh and we never made it to Cleveland. As a result, I had to clean the car and find some entertainment for the day.  Took the boy to breakfast first, cancelled the room in Cleveland and rebooked a room in Pittsburgh.  Our first adventure was Costco.  The slow tour of Costco revealed that an 80” TV costs $3200 while a 40” TV is only $399 the cost per inch above 40” is astronomical. We tried all the free samples and bought the boy a few necessities for his apartment.

So Saturday pass and no further work was accomplished.

Sunday we woke to a sunny early morning, but the weather report advised snow was arriving by 11AM.  We made the decision to eat breakfast and get out of Pittsburgh to avoid the snow.  We hit the road by 10:30 and the snow caught us by 11 in the Somerset area and stayed with us through Harrisburg. Slowed the trip down as we did not get back home till after 3:30PM.  Feeling exhausted, I then prepared for my trip to California leaving on an 8AM flight.  Unpack the old and repack the new.  A little car maintenance and dinner and I was done for the evening.

Still no further work accomplished.

Out the door at 5:45 and off to Southern California.  Choose to pay for the internet to keep up with email and prepare for the meetings on Tuesday.  Tuesday was working at 4:30AM PST on conference calls and then meetings from 8AM till 5 followed by a quick 3.5 mile run, dinner and crash.  No blogging, no data entry.

Made the 10AM return flight and FINALLY spent some time finishing up this blog! Almost a week later than I intended.

I land at 7:30PM and I have meetings most of the day tomorrow and Friday.  The cycle continues…

And although James Blunt was referring to a relationship break up, I can relate to his song “Best Laid Plans” when he says:

Tell me why all the best laid plans

fall apart in your hands

And my good intentions never end,

the way I meant

I still have not done my data entry, but I posted this blog from the plane 😉

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  1. Everett says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes that produce the most significant changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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