Back in the Saddle Again

Our website is re-built! Finally.  In my last post I told you the story of my laptop challenges and how panicked I was when it would not start from hibernation mode.  Since that writing (and those that follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn know) our BizTech Enablement Group website ( was hacked and shut down.BizTech-Enablement_4c_M

I immediately thought the worst.  Somebody is out to get me.  Who did I upset to have them do this?   My frantic call to my web developer friend revealed that I was hacked, but not by a specific individual, but an evil automated bot (botnet) that was out to get bitcoins.  Pretending to understand, I repeated the word.  “Bitcoins”. I have bitcoins?  Can I cash them in?  Not really.

I had to do a “bit” of online research to kind of understand what happened.  Turns out a botnet can steal digital identities and generate bitcoins that then get computers to solve difficult calculations. To mine significant numbers of bitcoins takes a lot of computing power, requiring investment in equipment and electricity. A botnet comprising a network of penetrated computers controlled by a third party, can be used to do the job, offloading the costs onto the computers’ owners.  Very recently we saw the arrest of two Germans that hacked their way into almost $1M in bitcoins.

Good news was that we had all of the content.  Bad news was the formatting and themes were gone.  So off to the recreation of the website I went.  Trying to rebuild what I already had.  Hurdles and roadblocks, such as the theme and templates used previously no longer existed.  Add that to my complete inability to write or understand HTML.  I am limited as a developer and had not looked at the tools in WordPress since we built the site.  Long story short it’s back up and running, hopefully a little better and we added some technical magic thingys to make sure we don’t run into similar problems in the future.

So BizTech Enablement Group is back on-line or “Back in the Saddle Again” as Steven Tyler and Aerosmith once re-did the classic Gene Autry C&W song and crooned (really screamed) about his return, so too is back. Please let us know what you think of the updated site!

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