Computer World

I drafted this post from the seat of an Embraer 135 Delta flight on its way to Cincinnati for a layover on my way out to San Jose.  There are a total of 18 rows of seats with three seats in each row, so that makes approximately 54 of us (I say approximately as there could be less seats if they did have a row 13 or maybe lavatory took a row, etc.).  The seats are the Kraftwerksize of elementary school chairs.  The height of the cabin is under 6 foot.  We are completely crammed in this plane.  But yet I am able to type this blog because I have my new cool, small ultrabook.  But I almost didn’t…

Many of us use technology, computers and the internet almost non-stop during working hours and very heavily outside of working hours.  What happens when you’re disconnected?  Disconnected by accident, unavailability or a technology problem.

Panic.  Sweat beads on your forehead, you feel the instant fear of loss.  How will I continue working?  What will I do?  It is stressful.

On my way out to San Jose this week and I was excited to take my brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon ultrabook (weighing in at under 3lbs.) with me for its first journey outside of my office.  My back pack was light and I felt confident in it’s capability and took precautions to ensure the migration from the old laptop was seamless.  All my files are now located on my internet accessible Network Attached Storage.  I created a “briefcase” making sure I had locally saved files I might need while traveling without connection to the internet.  I was ready.  I put my computer into hibernation mode and off to the airport I went.

I arrived a bit earlier than usual, so that I could grab a bite and then catch up on any emails before takeoff.  I had a nice salad in terminal D of the Philadelphia airport (Green Fields at the end of the D terminal) and opened my laptop to get a little work done.  I opened the lid and it the power button.


Nothing at all.

Hmmm.  That is strange.

I try again.          Nothing.       OMG.   Nothing!

Try other buttons.       Nothing.   Control Alt Delete.  Nothing.   Crap!   Try again.  Am I an idiot?  I don’t know how to turn on my computer!   Crap!

What am I going to do?  Think…Think.

I use my phone to Google the problem.  “Lenovo X! Carbon won’t turn on”:  Gotta love Google.  Answers were there.  A known problem, that you can resolve yourself.  Good I will try it!

Still nothing.  OMG a week in California without a computer.  I am dead!  I will have to send this thing back!

Look at other Google results.  Another solution.  This one works.  Whew.  Relief!

Crazy stress, followed by huge relief.  Yes I have a problem with the new computer, but I will survive.  Whew!

Reminds me of a song (if you read any of my other posts, you knew it was coming) – since this one is a little more than unusual I have attached a link to the song on YouTube for your enjoyment and below are all of the lyrics:

“Interpol and Deutsche Bank, FBI and Scotland Yard
Interpol and Deutsche Bank, FBI and Scotland Yard
Business, Numbers, Money, People
Business, Numbers, Money, People
Computer World
Computer World”


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