Exit the Sandman

Is it safe?  Are we all back to work now? Seems like schools have started as the giant yellow transports are roaming the streets with regularity once again.  It’s a strange time in technology during July and August as so many major technology companies (Cisco, TheSandmanMicrosoft, etc.) have their fourth quarter in July.  There are three basic groups of people in the larger technology organizations:

  1. The group, company or individuals have easily made their quotas by early to mid June so they literally disappear to avoid even higher quotas for the following year.  They are at the beach, enjoying life and can be found but only with some effort and patience.  The exception is the individuals that have plans on leaving after the year end. These folks sell everything possible to bring in as much commission as possible.
  2. Then there is the  group, company or individuals who have performed acceptably, but may not have exceeded their goals.  These people disappear to avoid the ever looming end of year organizational changes and potentially reductions in force.  These folks are tougher to find and respond to critical emergencies but are generally fairly well buried in the sand.
  3. Lastly there is the group, company or individuals that have not made their goals.  These guys are experts in hiding, as such results for them seem to be common.  Buried in the sand so deep they have just a small air hole and are close enough to wifi, so they can get a signal to be able to do their searching for their next job. (More on RIFs and layoffs next week)

So now it’s over.  The summer doldrums, the hiding, the vacations, the immediate “out of office notifications”, extended absence voice messages.  Its back to work…at least for those that kept their job.

For resellers, partners and distributors of these technologies, the summer is challenging as they can’t really disappear at all.  They need to be responsive to the client needs.  They don’t have quotas – they have minimal annual expectations and they generally don’t end in July.  They rely on the technology companies to support their business and that is the challenge in July and August to get answers or support.

Its over…right?  Let’s hope so and let’s get out there to get more business!

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