Do what you can – Hesitation blues

Why do you hesitate? For me, (I tell myself) I want it to be right.  But deeper, I know its more a form of procrastination or sometimes not knowing what to do or fear of screwing up.

I cant get startedI have had a problem synchronizing my contacts to my phone for some time.  There are a number of technical solutions that I could implement quickly and resolve the problem.  However, I hesitate because I want “the ultimate solution” that will centrally store my contacts, music and more on my recently acquired NAS.  I will need to change many things, my iTunes, my personal email, my contacts location, etc., etc.  I struggle with knowing where to start and I don’t want to screw up as losing my contacts would be devastating.

I wanted to write a blog back in March on being sick and not being able to take time off in today’s world.  I know how to write it. I know what I wanted to say. I hesitated.  It didn’t get done. Now it has been weeks since I posted anything, which is bad.

A little web research shows that people that hesitate don’t really want to take a step in life, but they are the ones who want to remain where they are.  I am sure I want to continue to grow. Hesitation keeps us from launching new projects, acquiring new skills, and taking risks.  So how do we overcome it?

Break the goal, project or task into smaller more actionable steps. For example instead of writing a blog on being sick, write something about what you are  feeling then let it form into the sentiment revealed.  In the technical task, get the NAS to work the way you want, test out centralized access, etc.  Basically take that first step and progress will be made.  We all make mistakes, don’t let the fear of making an error stop you from making progress.

In the words of Lindsey Buckingham:

A man is just a man

When the darkness comes

You’re got to do with what you’re got

I’m doing what I can

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1 Response to Do what you can – Hesitation blues

  1. pstirk says:

    Lindsey Buckingham rules! Nice reference, and good blog entry, Stan. Thanks.

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