Mirror Mirror – for Owners and Solopreneurs

Business owners know the importance of recruiting capable staff and providing the employees with the training and tools necessary to do their jobs. Further they understand that to ensure employees are performing to expectations they conduct annual reviews of Mirrorthe employees’ work product, efficiency and attitude. This workplace equivalent of a report card benefits supervisors and employees by identifying how to bring out their respective best.  However, it is rare that business owners and self employed individuals examine their own work product, efficiency and attitude.

As a business owner or self-employed individual, evaluating your performance can be more challenging than the evaluation of an employee. In the traditional boss-employee relationship, a performance evaluation is most often completed by the employer and used to determine work performance and discover whether or not the employee is delivering as needed. This same concept should apply to self evaluations as the owner of your own business.

We know that to succeed in your business, you need a clear set of goals as well as a set of steps to achieve those goals. Business owners are busy people and are always looking for ways to improve their business to deliver a greater product or service to their customers.  However, sometimes we don’t take a pragmatic approach, we make assumptions on our effort and our results based on trends and industry articles or just look at our business’ financial health.  In other words if we are making money, everything is good and the owners performance should not be questioned.  If we are not making money its “Time to change the batter” as Joe Walsh sings.

Take the time to do a self evaluation and document it to review again at a scheduled interval (yes – schedule your annual performance review).  Recently http://surveyreport.com/ has provided tools to help you perform a 360 degree peer evaluation.  This is where you can create an evaluation of you from your peer, clients and more by sending the request through LinkedIn.  The concept of a 360 degree evaluation is absolutely fabulous and can be incorporated into an ownership or self-employed individual review.  However, I caution you to send to only those connections with whom you have recently done work or you collaborate with regularly.  Additionally, consider the questions that you will ask your peers and clients and even yourself carefully.  Below I have listed a few categories or questions for you to consider:

  • Do your employees respect you? Do your employees feel you are their advocate?
  • Are you happy with the success of your business?
  • If you weren’t the boss, how would your employer rate you?
  • What can you improve about your focus; initiative; quality; and work relationships?

These are just a few of the questions that can help you determine where changes should be made to make your business stronger. Business owners willing to take a hard and truthful look at their own performance are better able to make adjustments which will lead to improved results.

If you have a few minutes I’d like your help. I’d like your feedback. Simply post a comment or send me an email at skornaga@biztechcafe.com and tell me what you think. And by all means, if you think I can help you—let me know.

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