Social Mediot

Just yesterday, at the Converge conference, I was touting how all of your social media can be connected and one post can go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  This week I decided to get back on and start communicating.  Posted some Tweets from the Converge conference, some interesting facts such as the “70% failure rate of first time chemotherapy without genomic testing- with GT it is 80% successful. So why not require testing? ” and some that I considered humorous “#convergeconf A little bit of The Shining here at the Bellevue” and none of them connected to my other social media outlets!

It seems that when I changed passwords on LinkedIn (at their suggestion due to security breaches) and Facebook, I lost connection with Twitter.  So being the Social Mediot that I really am, I decide I can make it work on my own.  I think I have corrected Facebook by reconnecting via Twitter and think I have corrected in LinkedIn, but you have to test it to be sure. So here I sit typing into my rarely used blog, to see where things actually post.  I am sure there is a better way to ensure all connections, but I do have some work to get done today, so I am trying this way.  I welcome your help and guidance!

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