Good Data in Manufacturing

It is not the most exciting subject or video, but it shows a real challenge faced by manufacturers today.  Coordination, consistency and accuracy of data collected for quality control, safety, and more.  Its easy and cheap to create a form to collect data, but how do you see the long term trends and subtle changes over time.  AuditMatic offers a flexible and easy to use system.

This video shows that the AuditMatic system simplifies the entire data collection process, from start to finish. Using a simple form creation interface, it enables supervisors to create inspection forms to fit any situation, without the need for any programming experience. Once a form is created, the AuditMatic handheld client guides operators along the inspection route. To ensure data integrity, supervisors can mark inspection stations with barcode tags that must be scanned before the corresponding form can be filled out. This process makes operator routes easy to follow while ensuring compliance assurance. After data collection is complete, the handheld AuditMatic client is plugged into its network-connected cradle, where all the data is automatically synchronized with digital log books and plant historians.

Not a true case study and more of a commercial, the video does do a good job of demonstration of the challenge and how the system can help.  A bit long winded and not very exciting brings the rating down.

Our overall ratings is a 3.5 out of 5, with the detailed breakdown below.

To see more Manufacturing case study videos please visit my YouTube site:

All the best!


Detailed review:

Video Quality – 5

Demonstration – 5

Industry Relevance – 5

Duration – 3

Commercialism – 2

Creative Pyramid:

Attention – 3

Interest – 3

Credibility – 4

Desire – 3

Action – 2

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