Long Island Healthcare Provider gets it right!

North Shore LIJ University Health System (that’s in Long Island – as if you won’t figure that out after watching these guys “tawlk”) is the nation’s second-largest, non-profit, secular healthcare system, based on number of beds and the nation’s 16th-largest, integrated healthcare network, based on net patient revenue, with more than 5,600 hospital and long-term care beds.

In this video they review how they are building a “community” via their Electronic Medical Records system to provide access to patient records for primary doctors, through various departments and specialists.  Wouldn’t you think that would have been done in the 80’s?  I thought Al Gore built it right after his finishing touches to the internet.  The reality is healthcare is and has been a paper based system and products like Allscripts are a huge benefit to us all.

The video starts out slow and takes almost half the video for them to start showing some  uses of the software (Allscripts’ EMR).  Then they start talking about actual benefits of the system, in one case saving a baby’s life and another case avoiding an adverse drug reaction.  Bottom line is the system provide the opportunity to provide better care and provide physicians the tools they need to do it.  Not the most exciting case study, but it does get the point across.

Our overall ratings is a 3.6 out of 5, with the detailed breakdown below.

To see more Healthcare case study videos please visit my YouTube site:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL8BA6FE66FE5289A3

All the best!


Detailed review:

Video Quality – 5

Demonstration – 3

Industry Relevance – 4

Duration – 3

Commercialism – 4

Creative Pyramid:

Attention – 3

Interest – 4

Credibility – 4

Desire – 3

Action – 3

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