No Sugar Tonight!

To both of you who read my posts regularly, my apologies for the brief hiatus.  Questions of life, the meaning of such, viability of the direction of the site, as well as the always present base level fear and loathing, have contributed to the slight delay.

Having joined Facebook yesterday, I now begin the full fledged marketing of the blog and ultimately the site.  More on that in future posts.  This post was meant to be a re-ignition of the effort and blog, but I am not providing you with a industry related technology video today, hence the title of the post “No Sugar Tonight” and then I had to look up the song and figured I would share the YouTube posting of it:

So there was a little sugar for all you video junkies, but there wasn’t even video associated just the song.  Its a good song, starts slow and picks up to be a classic Classic Rock tune.

Back to the ratings.  I have added the a new page to the blog which explains the newly scientifically proven and systematically tested rating system.  All videos will be rated in this manner from here on out, until we decide to change and hopefully improve.  please check out the system and let me know your thoughts.

All the best!


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