Mixed (up) Reality in the Classroom

I am sure that the makers of the SMART products for classroom would not be thrilled with the headline for this post! However, that is just what I thought when I saw this video about “Mixed” reality in the classroom.  Through the use of imaging technology and predetermined symbols used to generate 3D images on the SMART board, this technology allows for a more interactive experience.

While the purpose here is not to review the technology, I found the image and its connection to the symbol being manipulated quite distracting.  The content must tie directly to planned lessons provided by SMART technologies.  Even so, having the 3D image seemed to only be a cool factor not a demonstrable learning improvement.

So in review of the video, it shows the product in use very quickly and is easily understood.  However, the value and application is unclear.  We also would prefer to see how student react and its use in a live lesson.  As such, we give this video a four on a scale of ten.

All the best!


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