Shop Talk assists Visually Impared in Grocery

This system assists the visually impaired, yet still mobile, individual find items in a grocery store.  The independence provided by such a device is fabulous.

As posted on YouTube “ShopTalk is a proof-of-concept wearable system designed to assist visually impaired shoppers with finding shelved products in grocery stores. The system is based on a simple conceptual formula: Independent Blind Shopping = Verbal Route Directions + Shelf  Barcode Scans.”

At this point the system is still in the testing stage as the video shows it as an “experiment”.  This seems to be headed in the right direction, and appears relatively easy to use.  Probably quite complex to load all the data of products in the store, but combined with WiFi and RFID the future of this system seems highly plausible.

The demonstration in the video is very clear, it is shown in action and the viewer immediately understands the impact of the device.

The quality of the video is not commercial grade and is obviously a handheld.  The audio is quite annoying, as it is distracting from the visual with a robotic tone that makes it somewhat difficult to understand what is being siad.

Extra credit is given for the altruism of the technology and the experiments being performed and that the system is only in the experimental stage.  As such we give this video a 7 out of 10.

All the best!


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