Thor – God of Mobile Manufacturing

The new Marvel superhero movie Thor was released this weekend, so I could not resist this video from RACO Industries reviewing the features and capabilities of the LXE Thor Mobile computer.

RACO industries seems to release a couple of videos each week.  All are short demonstrations of products they sell.  However, they stay at a very basic feature level only and this Thor video is no exception.  To improve the video, we need to understand that value of these features in the manufacturing environment.  Why do we want to move the computer between vehicles, does it save us buying multiple computers, does it allow us to use a variety of equipment? Yes RACO does list that these feature enhance productivity, but we need just a bit more to effectively demonstrate the productivity improvement.

Although well produced and a short video, RACO needs to up level their videos with more value and less features.  As such, we give this video a five out of ten.

All the best!


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