Mobile Science Lab gets an A+

This post is for elementary through High School educators that are experiencing a reduced budget and looking for new ways to engage their students.  A+ technologies on Long Island developed this Mobile Lab and this video cut from a news story covers it’s use and benefits in the classroom.

This is not the newest video I have posted, but because I have seen the Mobile Science in person, I believe the technology is fabulous to engage students in science in a hands on way.

The video is in no way a commercial for the product nor is it that new of a video, but the video is a news story worthy of viewing to see the passion and excitement of both the teachers and students.  the benefits are apparent in engaging with students at a fraction of the cost of implementing a science lab in a school.

From the YouTube post: “The A+ Mobile Science Lab quickly and cost effectively transforms any classroom into a 21st century science lab. The lab offers state-of-the-art presentation technology as well as a classroom set of handheld computers, science
instrumentation and curricular lesson plans correlated to the learning objectives
of your state’s science framework. Now your schools can have the flexibility of
being able to move an entire science lab from classroom to classroom without
the cost of construction.”

The video quality is high, as it was a produced news story.  The duration of the video is an efficient two minutes and the message is clear.  More video like this please!  We give this a 9 out of 10, with the only weakness being a lack of information on where to get more information or buy the Mobile Science Lab.

All the best!


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