Fog Stops Store Robbery

On a dark and dreary night, danger lurked in the streets near a convenience store.  This is not the start of some bad pulp fiction detective novel.  This is a video that shows a technology to prevent store theft through the use of a Fog “Cannon”.

This is actual video surveillance edited to become a case study on the Fog Cannon product.  They add text to explain how the system works and show the attempted robbery being thwarted by a blanket of fog that startles the would be criminal.

Due to the nature of the security video, the quality is low.  Addition of narration would help make the example more professional, but the point is made on how the system works.  Use of actual video surveillance footage further emphsises the speed and effectiveness of this system.  It was strange that they repated the robbery attempt for no apparent reason and this causes the viewer to lose interest.

Looks like a great system and even though the video is only two minutes long, you see the police secure the store at 1:15 into the video and it would be a natural place to end and provide information on where to get the system.  It would also be nice to show that there are no ill affects, such as your merchandise having an odor.  I can see viewers staying through only the first minute and then never finding out who to get the system from.

As such, even though the demonstration is effective, we rate this video only a 5 out of 10.

All the best!


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