Ford Factory Workers Sit Down on Job!

Showing a new innovation that will obviously make it easier for factory workers to get in and out of the interior of cars on the production line,  here in a short and effective video on Fords’ new assembly line seat:

From the post they state “Seeking to address issues such as an ageing workforce and the physical tolls of working for many years on the assembly line, Ford convened a team of occupational physicians, production specialists, labour groups and representatives for disabled employees to improve the ergonomics, safety and productivity on the assembly line.”

Silence can be golden as demonstrated in this demonstration video.  Although the quality of the video has room to improve, the point of the demonstration is obvious.  Improve and speed the assembly line workers through the use of the robotic seat that can easily move in and out of a car.  Safety should also improve as the worker no longer has to duck to get in or risk injury getting out of the vehicle while it moves down the line.

You have to love manufacturing technology as it combines so many different technologies and just has some of the more unique and cool devices that show the ingenuity needed to succeed in todays’ highly competitive manufacturing world.

On the scale of ten, we give this one a solid 7, for a simple and effective demo, shown in under two minutes  and needs no voice over to get5 the point across.

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