Doc’s EHR System Benifits Patients & Practice

This is a very good client case study on implementing an Electronic Health Records system.  The Pediatric and Adolescent center implemented Allscript’s system and reviews the benefits that their office and their patients.

The demo shows the many benefits, from removal of “double documentation” of paper based notes into a system, to reduced wait time for Patient, and more.

It is clearly an ad for Allscripts’ EHR, but as it is from the users experience it is a valuable review of how they use it and the summary of benefits received.  They show various capabilioties such as eScripts and  templates for diagnosis all that speed patient care and improve service.

The video is well produced, with seamless cuts to the next scene and light non-distracting background music.

They talk a bit about Return on their Investment (ROI) and the only number mentioned is that they”qualify”for $200K in stimulus money as a result of implementing.  It would be valuable to know what was actually received.  None of the benefits we accurately quantified.  The numbers were very high level, never getting specific on actual savings/benefits and costs.

Just a tad too long, but entertaining and engaing.  This video keeps your interest.

Needed a little more background on the Doctor’s Practice, such as how many doctors, patients, etc.  It would have also been nice to cover the process of implementation, how long did it take, what were some of the challenges in migrating from old methods, etc.

Overall, quality information and we give this video a 8 out of 10.

All the best!


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