“Wish” Retailing was more mobile?

Wish is a web application designed to allow retailers to manage “offers” on products by customers from their smart phones.  Seems like a natural way to become more connected and reward your customers.

This video is more of a slide show than a trues case study, it does show how the application works.  The weakness is it does not explore the potential value strong enough to really generate excitement from potential buyers.  If they started with the challenges faced by the retailer, it may have more impact. it also needs to show the application on the smartphone.

I am betting this is a concept many retails will be leveraging in the future, but there may be multiple options to achieve this type of mobility.  If you already have an on line presence, you may have tackled this issue.

In terms of the video, it quickly demos the product and is not too long.  The narration is stiff, as if it was the first read of the material.  Portions of the narration are robotic and “clipping”.   Poor narration is distracting, but since it is only two minutes, you don’t completely lose interest.   Production is acceptable, but needs real demonstration vs. slide show style.  We give this video a 4 out of 10.

All the best!


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