Say it without words – Overhead Conveyor Demo

Monday is for Manufacturing and we have found a non narrated video that we thought was a simple and elegant way to show the technology in use and promote the company’s presence at an industry conference (ProMat in Chicago – March 2011).

In this nice, short video you are shown some of the unique features and capabilities of an overhead conveyor system by Pacline.  This video effectively demonstrates the variety of items that can be moved via an overhead conveyor.   It includes large and differing sized boxes and other products.

The video quality is high, blends in active attention getting music, it is quick and to the point.  Those in distribution will be wanting more information.  Why overhead vs. a standard conveyor?  It looks like it takes up less space and is more flexible in terms of handling product than a traditional belt, but we need more.  Generating interest and questions is what you want from a quick demo.  Create the series to get them to your site or call you.

Pacline adds customer logos to show you where there system is in use.  plus they add information on the show they are attending.  All well done, but did they get the viewership and attendance at the show?

We rate this video a 7 out of 10.  Good stuff!

All the best!


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