Doctor – Patient Interaction via Microsoft Surface

This post is a day later than normal, due to appointments and other conflicts I had yesterday.  Ok, so I have already broke the promise to myself.  Since I am a day late I have chosen a video that is a bit older (over a year old), but still very cool tech.

This demo shows how patients and doctors can interact using the Microsoft Surface platform.  If you have not seen it, the Surface platform is like a giant iPad mounted to a table or footstool.  In this example, the software Patient Journey (would that be Steve Perry?!?), combined with Microsoft’s Healthvault and Almaga (a medical records management software)

This demo is smoothly produced, providing you step by step details in an easy to follow manner that even a Doctor would understand (poor attempt at humor – again).  It is a little slow and lacks energy, partly due to the nature of the demo and the annoying light techno bubble music in the background.  Light techno bubble is a new musical classification that I will be registering on Wikipedia after this post.  It takes almost three minutes for them to start showing the graphical capabilities beyond text documents and login screens.

Although a slow demo, we like the content and the technology linking multiple systems together and leveraging to improve the patient experience.  Most viewers will understand what the software can do in the first couple of minutes, so the six minute length is just too long.  As such we give this video high marks on the underlying tech and quality production, but low marks in keeping attention and enthusiasm.  Rate it a five out of ten.

All the best!


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