Penn State uses games to teach!

Now here is a unique video!  Penn State University shows how they are leveraging gaming technology and more to teach and create programs for various grade levels in education.

Although this video has a lot of “talking heads”, they cover so many cool technology that it captures and keeps your attention.

This is an except from a program called “We are the Millennials” which appears to be a self-produced recurring web show from eleven Penn State Undergraduates covering their experiences and discoveries.  Millennial refers to their generation, which is also known as Generation Y.  If I really knew what generation I was from, I would provide some witty comment here like “I bet they don’t trust anyone over 30!” or root them on with a “Give ’em hell Harry!”, but those references are probably too arcane for this savvy internet audience.  Enough lamenting, although subtly, about how old I feel and back to the video.

This video briefly covers so many technologies for use in the classroom, it’s a bit overwhelming.  Although it does not demonstrate use in detail, it should give educators an idea on what is out there and then we can drill down for more details on various technologies and games for the classroom that would meet individual needs.

We recommend the video. It is well produced even if the talk track does not sync with all of the speakers (that actually may be intentional) and it is a bit long.  It is a great introduction into some new technology and its a Penn State production.  Go Penn State!

Rated as a solid seven out of ten.

All the best!


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