RBC Bank shows a variety of Retail Technology

This particular video is a commercial designed to gain customers to RBC’s new flexible retail banking experience.  Although not a case study, the video demonstrates multiple technologies in use and explains the benefits to their customers.

We have seen this type of demo from other banking institutes such as Citi and TD Bank.  The difference here is the focus on the variety of technologies available to its customers and their approach to retail banking.  Like Burger King, RBC is offering the customer a banking/shopping experience “your way”,  be it traditional tellers, interactive touch screens, Digital Signage, interactive ATMs and more.

Although a commercial, the variety of technologies shown, quality of production, and real life usage makes this video easy to use as examples of technology in retail and shows potential users the options and differentiators that may be leveraged in other environments.  We would love to get a version of this video that shows the impact of integrating all of this technology to RBC, stating the growth in sales, improvements in customers satisfaction or even transaction size increases.  Return on Investment data would help others better use the tech shown.  Alas, the video was designed as a promotional tool for the bank and not a true case study.  If the integrator(s) that sold the technology is smart they will leverage this same format and add the ROI data.

Overall an engaging and efficient display of technology in a Banking environment.  We rate this video a four out of ten. It needs to add the technology sources and impact to be of more value to technology users.

All the best!


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