Manufacturing Video Demo from Motorola shows basic use of technology

Motorola Business Solutions, formally known as Symbol, has released a new video demonstration showing how an integrated warehouse works.  We could classify this video under Manufacturing/Distribution or even Retail as warehouse management applies to both. Bottom line is the video is pretty basic and reviews how a warehouse can work with Motorola wireless products integrated into ERP and other systems.

Production value of this video is very good.  It integrates both live action and graphics to provide a professional easy to understand presentation.  It is also short and to the point which keeps your attention.  However, the content is so basic that if you have even been near a warehouse over the last few years you are aware of these technologies.  It also does not show anything unique to the Motorola product set.

As an entry level introduction to technology in the warehouse, yes this video does its job.  However, it is too basic and has no real “boom” factor.  Additionally, it is not a case study, nor does it include real life situations with any reference to the values or return on investment in a real life situation.  As such, we will rate this video a five out of ten.

All the best!


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