Healthcare Video Demo – Cisco & extension provide a high quality solution, but low quality video demo

This video is a very new release from my friends at extension, a Cisco partner.  It takes place in a demonstration clinic like environment, with a realistic nurse practitioner Tess at the Mansfield hospital.

The demonstration was the integration of multiple software through extension and then accessed by the iPad.  It connected hospital systems, was able to directly receive lab reports and connected to the lab for instant review of the data, and then added the video connectivity features via Cisco’s WebEx to be able to remotely diagnose a sick nine month old.

The 9 month old Tyler Scott looks a bit pale, and at one point Tess states he looks a bit listless at the moment.  Once you see the video you will understand that’s an understatement!

The instant click through to dial the lab while reviewing the reports is a cool feature of the product and Tess, as a user of the system, did this flawlessly.  Tess does not appear to be an actor or an employee of extension, but a real Nurse Practitioner, but I could be wrong.

Tess also easily connects with Dr Jenny Specialist and adds to the call an instant WebEx session, then showing Dr. Jenny the boy and his rash.  The demo shows how the product leads to faster diagnosis, escalation of issues and a few features of the software.  What is not addressed is the reality of contacting any doctor by phone.  Even those with access must wait on hold as the doctor may be with a patient or unavailable/indisposed.

Extra points goto extension for creating the video was using a Cisco Flip and Flip share.

On a scale of one to ten, I give the demo a 6, for effectively demonstrating a couple of key features of the solution, but it was lacking in production quality, had too much of an introduction/narration, and was about three minutes too long.

All the best!


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