Divide & Conquer

Having met with a few trusted advisors and already having the wireframe and vision complete for BizTechCafe.com, I have decided to organize this blog in a similar fashion to the ultimate design of the website.  Providing links and reviews on video case studies in various industries.  As such, you will see this blog evolve as I divide and conquer the vast array of content out there.  I will organize posts by industry and will most likely start (allowing some room for my “at will” changes) with four basic industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Education
  • Retail

My goal is a minimum of one post per business day and one post per topic per week.  Now, if you didn’t just notice, I actually stated a goal of the frequencies of the posts.  I was just talking about stating such goals in writing and to the reading audience with my friend Ed Newman (http://accidental-entrepreneur.com/) and I know I am taking a huge risk here.  This is an especially large risk, since I am not as prepared at this point with copy in “the can”.

Note to Ed – How about a url that I can actually spell – like Kornaga!? 😉

Hopefully, you will notice two things about my goal.  First, I didn’t say when I would start, but I imply right away.  This gives me some wiggle room if I mess up tomorrow. Second, I intimated that I would write every business day, but only listed four topics.  As such the fifth topic will be a wildcard.  I want the flexibility to accommodate myself when I am personally overwhelmed, I can at least spew a few random thoughts and keep my promise to myself.

Back to the types of posts for each Industry.  I will usually try to find new and relevant technology video case studies and comment around these.  Although there is a great deal of video technology case studies, its not like all are new or relevant to the Industries.  As such, there may be older videos, but I hope to expose and enlighten you with things that are different and that you have not seen before.  Please don’t be upset if I talk about a video that is more than a year old.  It just means that I have some passion around that video.

I suspect I will probably have a few more introductory notes that will eventually service as content or a guide to my blog, before really diving into the video content, but then again… (another wiggle statement!)

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