Start Somewhere

Going through the exercise of developing a blog and building a site is a daunting task.  You are putting your personality and capability on display for all to see.  Not to mention that all posts are archived and thus retained somewhere, seemingly forever!

That word “somewhere” is key, as to begin you must start somewhere. It can be a bit paralyzing to say the least.  This applies to almost any task and endeavor that is worthy of doing.  So here it is, my somewhere.

My blog posts and tweets will be central to the development of my vision for the BizTech Cafe, an on-line community designed to promote technology use or case studies in video.  There will be multiple sections of the on-line community each tailored to the specific industry or group using the technology.  This would include Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and more.

Come along and enjoy the work in progress as I/we develop the community and provide insights to the content all with a little twist to make it entertaining, educational, and a useable resource for you.  I welcome your comments and suggestions as this vision will not work without you!

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